Byzantine and blue globes



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By the light of the silvery sun…

By the light of the silvery sun...

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Cubic sparks

Cubic sparks

Japanese-weave flower earrings

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The Beaded Frog

Glimmering bicones hang in curled ropes along the wall. Glass bowls, filled with variations upon a hue, create trinket envy. Clashing with the glistening, Victorian-era replicas lend  steam-punk edginess to the corners where the Greenville post-goths sometimes gather. Little of this differs from any other bead store. In fact, the Frog is missing some of the excess of jump rings and Afghani styles that Western stores carry.

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I heard the voice of the archangel…well, bishop.

My newest phase is Rowan Williams, the learned Welsh archbishop of Canterbury, whose voice caught my fancy during the Royal Wedding and whose mind caught my interest during a visit to his website. I plan to review his theology and his influences over the next few days as well as his poetry. Crimson Dissent will see how his ideas are helping the poor and encouraging/discouraging orthodox Christian theology. I also would like to see how he agrees with NT Wright, Rod Bell, and various other contemporaries.

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Better than expected

That crisis averted and my salvific mojo restored, I am going forth to encourage and do love and good works.

Lord willing, mom will begin treatments in March. Her name is in the hat to be part of a study with meds that should kill her Hep C genome. More than likely, the liver transplant idea is moot unless the Hep C is destroyed then she develops liver cancer. I believe we are doing well. Some things have not changed, but the fundamentals ARE changing which will lead to external differences.

Today: dance, workout, dance, harp, coffee with Rob :0), belly dance in Mauldin.

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Not as well as I’d hoped

Well, back to the panic attacks, long naps, and absorption in anything but the Now. Yay. Guess the weight gain’s next?


This sucks.

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